The Overworld is the main dimension in vanilla, where you spawn, mine, fight creepers and more.

Materials For Tools

Wood - The most basic tool type. It can be used to break basic blocks, such as planks, smooth stone, and dirt.

Stone - A step up from wood. Can mine Ores, and more sturdy building blocks.

Iron - Now we're getting somewhere. Iron can be used to mine gold and diamond, and has a generous amount of uses.

Gold - Gold has a really low amount of uses, but it is quite powerful.

Diamond - The God Tier of the Overworld. It is used to mine Obsidian, and has many, many uses.

Making An Overworld Portal

We are currently thinking about what to make an overworld portal from, but it is most likely to be a Mossy Cobblestone frame, activated with a Hammer and Chisel, reflecting the flint and steel.